The project team consists of an Organization for Research and Dissemination of Knowledge (AUTh), a Culture Foundation (KOTH) and two notable companies in the field of visual communication (Beetroot) and consulting (VBC).

Project implementation plan ensures the optimal research contribution of the partners in each project work unit and contributes to the achievement of the project objectives.

Project coordinator is AUTH - Laboratory of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, with scientifically responsible Petros Patias Professor of Rural & Surveying Engineering, AUTH.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece - PersLab
The Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Laboratory (PersLab) of School of Rural & Surveying Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece is widely known for its research activities in the fields of photogrammetry, remote sensing, computer vision, databases, 3D modeling and laser scanners in the fields of cultural heritage and archeology. In the last 10 years has participated in more than 80 research programs in the above research areas, with a total height funding of around € 6 million. More than 70 publications by its members have been presented at national and international conferences and journals at the last 5 years, giving an indicator of their good quality of their research activities. Laboratory equipment: 10 stations cameras, specialized software, Laser scanners and special scanners, UAV, MMS, GNNS receivers, NAS.
Thessaloniki State Conservatory - KOTH
The State Conservatory of Thessaloniki has an intense educational-artistic activity and rich social and educational work from its foundation, in 1914, until today.
With this work, KOTH supports and presents through its actions and events important parts of musical culture from baroque music to the pioneering compositions of the 21st century. In addition, the range of his activities includes a wider range of musical genres, such as opera performances, concerts of Byzantine and traditional music, as well as different genres that are not part of the “classical” music but are part of world music history (urban folk music and song, traditional Japanese music with Sakuhachi, etc.).
It is worth noting that KOTH also develops a variety of educational programs, specialized for each school level (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education).
Logo Beetroot
Beetroot Design Group is an award-winning visual communication and creative design firm.
Its mission is to create and develop the identity of a company, service or product and then to communicate it in ways that make it unique, recognizable and establish it in the international firmament. Her work is typical for its multi-collection and inhomogeneous style since each application is unique, authentic and designed in the context of each collaboration.
Its clients include some of the most recognizable companies, services and products internationally: Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greek Ministry of Tourism & Culture, National Bank of Greece, Seven Group, Corbis, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Thessaloniki Film Festival, Thessaloniki Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Byzantine museum etc.
Λογότυπο Vision Bussiness Consultants
Vision Bussiness Consultants

VBC is a fast-growing technology company that is working closely with a network of research centers, universities, large industries, and small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe.

The company actively supports collaboration between academic and industry bodies for further development and dissemination of research, from the conception of ideas, the development and implementation of systems, to the pilot testing & evaluation of industrial prototypes, commercial products and services. VBC is involved in a wide range of activities related to applied research, systems design and implementation, process optimization, business support and development, as well as innovation management and technology transfer.

The company was founded in 2005 in Athens, initially focusing on providing technological support to small and medium companies and industrial enterprises in various application sectors.

It has further expanded its activities, providing expert advisory services to the European Commission’s RTD programs in various technological areas for project evaluation and review, as well as exploitation of results and innovation strategy advice. In addition, it has significant experience in managing innovation, contributing to the creation of business models and plans for attracting capital and implementing innovative ideas. VBC team consists of scientists, engineers and technicians with complementary backgrounds and extensive work experience in the use of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, development & optimization of process models and algorithms, virtual and augmented reality, industrial automation, as well as e-learning and training.

At the same time, the company offers consulting services and support in the preparation of techno-economic studies for the evaluation and analysis of business plans, in order to support the decision-making process, thus identifying in an objective and rational way their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats arising from them, as well as resources required for their execution and prospects for success. In addition, it collaborates with specialized bodies for the valuation and protection of intellectual property and technology transfer activities to SMEs and other organizations.