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So far, the programs of the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki (KOTH), both for the concerts and for its educational programs, are in printed form and provide specific information about the works, their creators, performers, time and place. concert.
The scope available in the information form is specific, so as not to lead users to cognitive overload, and their presentation is static.

The texts are small in size, with simple content, without interacting elements, and -in some cases- contain musical terminology, which many of the visitors are not able to decode.
The proposed project concerns the design and development of "smart" printed concert programs and educational programs of KOTH, as well as the development of an innovative system that will visualize this information with the help of smart mobile devices (smartphones).


  • Design, development and implementation of a system for mobile devices / phones, which will provide an extension of the experience of visiting KOTH concerts and its educational programs.
    This application will offer an attractive and complete image to the visitor for the concerts of KOTH, personalized interactive retrieval of information through smart mobile devices, as well as an important tool for the implementation of its promotion and promotion strategy. The system will integrate augmented reality technologies and databases.
  • Use and integration of augmented reality algorithms in mobile devices. The system will have free access to information on the context of the context of the concerts and educational programs of KOTH through a user-friendly environment, combining the information of the database, which will be presented in the device of the smart phone in real time and will be displayed on the mobile device by overlaying the digital information in the program.
  • Improving the interaction of visitors with KOTH, as -in addition, through the system- they will be able to send comments to an electronic guestbook.
  • Thorough testing, evaluation, implementation and demonstration installation of the system in concerts and educational programs of KOTH. The system will be tested and evaluated in concerts and in educational programs of KOTH.
  • Utilization of the results of the system that will be developed.


of the Project


user needs analysis, technical specifications, design and pilot application.


digitization, digitization and processing of data.


publishing in scientific conferences, websites and social networks.